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ExtraSensory Protection
& Limos
"We Sense Trouble
Before it Happens!"

A "Personal Protection Service" with "FREE" Transportation in a Limousine.

Trouble on the Horizon? "ESP" has you Covered.

"Personal Protection" for Everyone & Every Occasion.

Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Celebrities, Pro Athletes, & The General Public.


CEOs, Corporate Executives & VIPs, Real Estate Showings & Tours.


Government Officials, Politicians, & Foreign Dignitaries.


Night Out On The Town, Concerts, Date Night, Sporting Events, Birthdays, & Holiday Parties.


Weddings & Anniversaries, Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Proms & Quinceaneras.


Airports, Cruise Ships, Trains, Medical Procedures/Appointments, Amusement Parks, & Sight Seeing.


FREE Limo w/Our "Personal Protection Service" for LESS-THAN Most Companies Charge Just for the Limo!

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We Provide "Personal Protection" for Everybody, from the Rich and Famous to the Average Joe or Jane.

"Don't Worry, About A Thing."

"Cuz Every Little Thing, Gonna Be Alright."

When you have one of ESP's "Personal Protection Agents" with you!