A Personal Protection Service With "FREE" Transportation!

We're a "Personal Protection Service" with *FREE* Transportation in one of our "Private" vehicles.

That's Right!  "FREE" Transportation in One of Our "Private" Vehicles:

  • 4-Passenger "Very Fast" Black Chrysler 300C SRT8.
  • 7-Passenger "Less Conspicuous"  Black Kia Van.
  • 8-Passenger Black Lincoln Town Car Limousine.
  • 10-Passenger Black Lincoln Town Car Limousine.
  • We can even drive you in your own personal vehicle.
  • At No Additional Cost, we can rent & drive any vehicle of your choosing, you just pay the extra cost of the rental vehicle.
  • Also, we can Pick-Up & Deliver your Prized & Loved Pets, Sensitive & Valuable Cargoes Safely & Securely.
  • Running short on time? We can even run errands for you.

All This for About the Same Cost or LESS-THAN what Most Companies Charge Just for the Transportation Services Alone!

So just Sit Back and Relax while you ride in Style and Comfort, Safely and Securely in Any of ESP's "Private" Vehicles.

Why Choose Us? 

Our "Protection Agents" are Expertly Trained in the following:

  • Defensive Driving.
  • Anti-Kidnapping & Robbery Evasive Maneuver Driving Tactics.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat & Martial Arts.
  • Firearms & Weapons Use.

You can Rely on Us for Your High-Security Needs, or if you just Want to Feel Safe and Secure, and you Will Be! 

We are here to make you feel Safe wherever you are, and Count-on your "Personal Protection Agents" to be Reliable, Honest, Trustworthy, and Extremely Loyal At All Times!

Our Mission and Vision.

It is "Our Mission" to Keep You, Your Family, Friends, Business Associates, Prized Pets and Valuable Cargo Safe, Secure and Protected, Wherever and Whenever You Want or Need.

It is "Our Vision" to take such good care of our clients that they feel and truly believe that they are part of the family.

We Truly do have your Safety and Security as our #1 Priority!

We will Protect you & your family's lives at all costs!

We will take a bullet for you!

Receive Personal Protection From a Highly Skilled Team.

Whether you’re a celebrity walking the red carpet or an ordinary citizen just going about his/her usual day, you can still be a "Victim of Crime."

If you’re experiencing Safety and Security Issues, or you just want to feel and Be Safe & Protected, Better Call-in the Professionals at “ESP”- Extra Sensory Protection, in Huntington Beach, California.

We provide "Personal Protection" for Everybody and Anybody, from the Rich and Famous to the Average Joe or Jane as well as his/her Family and Friends.

We serve the following and more:

  • Celebrities & VIPs.
  • TV & Movie Stars.
  • Rock Stars.
  • Pro Athletes.
  • CEOs.
  • Executives.
  • Politicians.
  • Government Officials.
  • Foreign Dignitaries.
  • The General Public.
  • Dr. Procedures/Appointments.
  • Real Estate - Listing Tours.
  • Sight Seeing Tours.

We are Available for you 24/7/365,

& we'll Go Anywhere you Need to be.




Who We Are


"We Got The Power!"


Whether You’re a Celebrity walking the Red Carpet or an Ordinary Citizen just going about his/her usual day, you can still be a Victim of Crime.

If You’re Experiencing Safety and Security Issues, Better Call-in the Professionals at “ESP” Extra Sensory Protection in Huntington Beach, California. USA